What You Need to Know About Kopi NUTRIIE

Ready-To-Mix Beverage with 9in1 Natural Ingredients

Kopi NUTRIIE consists of 9in1 ingredients which are healthy, natural and safe for consumption. The coffee seeds used are Arabica seeds and the ingredients are extracted naturally in powder from vegetables and plant leaves

Introduction of the QuantumG QR-C

The QuantumG Anti Microbial

QuantumG QR-C, is the world’s first Hybrid Nano Mineral Oxide infused with Quantum Fusion Resonance Frequency Technology. It can be protected from Viruses and Bacterial and it's not harmful to skin or pets.

What You Need to Know About

Global Trading Firm Specializing in Health-Conscious Products

A global trading firm specializing in premium health-conscious products. We curate and distribute an extensive range of high-quality goods. Experience excellence and well-being delivered worldwide.

Why Choose Us

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

A singular approach for all your healthy product trading needs.

Customer’s Happiness

Customer’s Happiness

Customers are treated as our respected partners.

Young & Agile

Young & Agile

Young, experienced and an aggressive team members.

Strong Logistical Support

Strong Logistical Support

Over 12 years’ experience in logistics, handling and warehousing.

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One Stop Shop

Achieved great support of product creation and delivery

Young & Agile

Professionals, young and aggressive team

Customer’s Happiness

Customers are treated as our respective partners.

Strong Logistical Support

Transportation, handling, and warehousing.

Featured Products

"Trading with Sustainable Products for A Healthy Lifestyle."

Kopi NUTRIIE Original

Special 9in1 Natural Ingredients

Kopi NUTRIIE Gold Premix

Stronger 9in1 Natural Ingredients with Premium Packaging

QuantumG QR-C Sanitizer

All Purpose Sanitizer

QuantumG QR-C Sanitizer

Pets Sanitizer

QuantumG QR-C Mask

Face Mask

QuantumG QR-C Copper Ionic

Concentrated Copper Ionic

Kopi NUTRIIE Review

Kopi Nutriie is made from 9 natural available ingredients and improves the human health with consistent and daily consumption. One can enjoy as many cups per day. Kopi Nutriie is available with AEON stores in Selangor and online platform.

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Our health related products, Kopi Nutriie and QuantumG QR-C have been recognized and continued to be supported by our valuable clients.

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