International Trading
Company for Healthy
Type of Products

Who We Are

We are an International Trading Company for Healthy Type of Products.

International Trade Company

Personnel with over 10 years of experience

Certifications from Governmental bodies

R FEX GLOBAL TRADE SDN. BHD. is a private limited company governed by the Malaysia’s Companies Act of 1965 and it was incorporated on September 2021 under business Registration Number 1431311-W.

The purpose of embarking into the business of trading is to enable all communities in the world to enjoy a variety of Food & Beverages and HealthCare Products, mainly (and more to come):

  1. A naturally extracted 9 in 1 formulated Ready-to-Mix Kopi NUTRIIE to improve and aid the human health
  2. Non-Alcohol, Certified, Proven & Lab tested Hand Sanitizers for humans and pets

We aim to promote healthy products and achieve a stable distribution network globally to enable a healthier community living.

Our close collaboration with our manufacturers in the Healthcare and in the F&B industry facilitates us in achieving our Vision, Mission, Moto & Quality Policy. Our personnel having over 10 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry and Healthcare, the manufacturers are also accredited with various domestic and international certifications. R FEX Global Trade continues to source and trade more products that are beneficial to the consumer from both, pricing and quality of products.

The management of R FEX Global Trade has got over 20 years’ experience in the international trading, and it was structured to focus on sales and marketing covering healthy type products. RFEX Global Trade is also the exclusive marketing and preferred distributor for the Healthy Type Products worldwide.

In line with the company’s business activities, RFEX Global Trade has obtained the relevant business certifications from the Federal and State governments as well as respective Statutory Bodies and Government agencies.

The company will continuously undertake its product marketing to increase more awareness worldwide on HealthCare and Consumable Products leading to Healthy Living and ensuring our principal business ethics of “QUALITY, EFFICIENT & COMMITMENT” to the consumers.

Why Us

Customers Are Our Top Priority Coupled with Top Notch Products

R FEX strives to achieve our objectives and share sustainable value to our stakeholders. We treat customers as our partners and always are ready to help them with our expertise in the trading industry and with the products we administer. With our team’s dedicated & aggressive performance, we are proud that we keep pushing the limits of expansion. R FEX Global Trade is what you are looking for in Malaysia as we provide premium global trading and professional supply chain services to the growing industries internationally.

One Stop Shop

R FEX has vivid experiences and professional market knowledge to deal with the industries in Malaysia. We understand the local culture and have achieved great support of product creation and delivery from the manufacturers.

Young & Agile

The key to success should be related to its strong management & operational team. By engaging like-minded professionals, young and aggressive team at R FEX, we continue to expand our partnerships throughout the world.

Customer’s Happiness

By upholding the concept of win-win, customers are treated as our respective partners. R FEX provides consultation on market intelligence to our clientele as our company believe customers’ success and happiness will lead to R FEX success as well. Together, we are stronger and well rooted.

Strong Logistical Support

R FEX has a strong logistics backbone to support the ensuing transportation, handling, and warehousing needs from the customers. R FEX manages every aspect of supply chain including helping client monitor shipment document, payment, inventory and carriage. Our dedication is in ensuring ON-TIME delivery and promises

Vision, Mission, Moto & Quality Policy

RFEX Global Trade aims to become the most well-known trading company in the global marketplace. We will strive to hone our expertise to deliver the sustainable values to all stakeholders and inspire the care for communities while being empathetic and passionate towards achieving our mission and vision.


To distribute and export accredited Malaysian based health products worldwide utilizing the platforms provided by the Government of Malaysia. In doing so, we strive to create a strategic local and overseas partnership to market our products.


“Trading with Sustainable Products for a Healthy Lifestyle”


We aim to source and trade more sustainable products that would improve a healthier lifestyle or consumers worldwide, using nutritious, healthy, natural and safe ingredients.

Quality Policy

To strive for quality excellence with quality health products, timely delivery, uncompromising commitment leading to customer satisfaction.

Meaning of R FEX

R ESPONSIBLE : Delivering on quality products and timely delivery

F AR – SIGHTED : Acquiring more sustainable and nature friendly products

E MERGING : Environment and naturally available products are a preferred option to consumers

X ENIAL : Building Relationship in the trade business towards long term


{I have been consuming Kopi Nutriie since October 2022 with the recommendation of my daughter and ever since I have seen a few health improvements. I feel more energetic across the day and stronger. I have had blood pressure approx. 145/90 with medication and to my surprise during my check-up in December 2022, the pressure levels is steady at 135/85. The taste is light and not bitter or sweet. I am a full-time housewife and I now ensure that my children and in laws consume as it provides aid to the health. My eldest daughter is also taking regularly, and it helps her bowel movement daily. I am glad and happy to see immediate and good results after consumption of Kopi Nutriie.{
Pn. Hawa binti Omar, 70yo
{I have been a diabetic patient since 2019 and I never took ‘being healthy” seriously. I was on metformin 500mg as this is the most common prescription for patients with Type II Diabetes. As an Indonesian, I drink coffee some 3-4 cups per day due to my hardworking lifestyle at the plough fields and distributing to the market. When I met a Malaysian friend of mine who recommended Kopi Nutriie in April 2022 to help reduce my diabetes level, I didn’t believe that coffee and these ingredients can help considering that I have been on medicines for more than 3years and not having better results. After taking twice per day for a week, I felt less tired and my stools were quite smelly when consuming for the first 3-4 days. I have been buying Kopi Nutriie and taking back to Indonesia as I travel to Malaysia regularly for work. Right around 3 months, in Aug 2022, I took my blood test and I was so happy that my glucose levels have dropped to normal levels and I have no more pain at my knee cap that I also used to have. Today, most of baggage has Kopi NUTRIIE in it as my family and friends are also consuming. Thank you Kopi Nutriie and I cant wait for the product to be available in Indonesia.{
Mishabuddin Wak Bayu, 53yo
{I first began taking Kopi NUTRIIE in May 2022 via an introduction from a friend and the most immediate improvement I could feel is in my energy level, within 3 days of consuming daily two cups. I was really amazed that even with my high glucose level before taking Kopi NUTRIIE, it was around 9.1 to 11.8 levels, within a week of taking daily 2 cups, my sugar levels reduced to 6.8. Although I'm diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and have been consuming medication such as metformin/ Jardiance and Storvas C 40, these medicines had caused numbness to my toe for past 1 year.  By drinking Kopi NUTRIIE twice a day, it gave me tremendous results on movements and feeling under my toe. I am so grateful to my friend who introduced me Kopi NUTRIIE and I highly recommend those who are diabetic to consume and experience the goodness Kopi NUTRIIE has to offer. Best of luck. Thank you.{
Puvaneswaran, 44yo
{I have worked as an administrator at offices for over 40 years, every day using typewriters/computers in my work. Soon after retirement, I had nerve problems, both hands & shoulders were numb from the fingers to the arms and lots of aches behind my neck to my shoulder and sometimes to the head. I went for a specialist doctor's treatment at GH, for a year, from March 2021 to April 2022, but did not show much signs of improvements, it would help at that moment but soon after the pain would return. I stopped going for medical treatment and tried alternative treatments and get regular massages to stimulate blood flow. At the same time, I was introduced to Kopi NUTRIIE by my daughter. By drinking Kopi NUTRIIE daily, the nerve pain that I was experiencing has been slowly reducing since May 2022 and now it has fully healed. I kept drinking Kopi Nutriie as it also gives me good immunity against cough, flu, sore throat and I feel less tired towards the night. Thank you Kopi Nutriie for improving my health and for RM30 per box vs expensive medical bills, I strongly urge you to consume Kopi Nutriie.{
Hajah Aminah, 84yo
{As a parish priest, my days are quite busy from the time I wake up at 530am all the way till 1130pm. I generally feel fatigue by about noon and sometimes after lunch, I will have a short nap if no other activities. Eventhough I may have some activities, my tiredness is still there. Gratefully since consuming Kopi NUTRIIE since May 2022 and within days, I no longer feel tired and per my blood test report, my sugar levels are within the limit, it was at border levels before. I now purchase Kopi NUTRIIE and give to the other many elderly in my church and I am delighted to see them being more happy in their daily lives. Thank you Kopi NUTRIIE and may God Bless us all.{
Father Patrick Boudeville, 63yo
{I like to share my sincerest feedback on Kopi NUTRIEE that I have been consuming since March 2022. For many decades, I have been drinking all sorts of coffee but there wasn’t  really a type of coffee that I can claim that has done wonders for my physical health. Believe me this Kopi NUTRIIE was a great shock when I first tasted it and thereafter when I kept consuming it daily. Due to my age, many physical aches and slowness came upon me, but after consuming Kopi NUTRIIE, it had brought me energy, sound sleep at night, more urine passing and better bowel movements across the day. I start my day at 6.00am and would have a power nap at 1030am for 30-45mins and after lunch. But ever since my consumption of Kopi NUTRIIE and within days of drinking it, I no longer have my morning and afternoon naps. Most of the premix coffee has high contain of caffeine and/or sugar, but Kopi NUTRIIE has less caffeine (from the tastes), less sweet (as it uses Stevia) and other ingredients playing a combined role to improve the wellness of the body. Once you try it and see the goodness it does on your body, you will want to focus on Kopi NUTRIIE. Thank you Kopi NUTRIIE for this great effect on my health and encouraging many others to live a healthy life. Take it from me, it’s never to late to start as Health is Wealth.{
Joseph Xavier, 82yo
{I have been a housewife all my life. Ever since my husband passed away some 12 years ago, I have not been well. I take medications for blood pressure, diabetics, hyperthyroid and sometimes gastric and sometimes I get vertigo as well. My daughter introduced Kopi Nutriie to me by the founder in June 2022 and he prescribed me to drink 2 cups per day. I was concerned as my caffeine tolerance is low and worried that I will have a tummy upset. But I didn’t have any tummy upset and I liked the taste as it was mild. I did not expect that these ingredients can help improve my health levels and after consuming for 10days, my hyperthyroid pain was getting less and is now fully healed. Alhamdullilah. I am also happy to share that previously my glucose levels were in the range of 220-230mmol and when I recently tested at the end of August 2022, my reading reduced to 182 mmol. It has reduced by almost 40 points and I am so delighted. I feel less tired now and don’t have the sudden rise in blood pressure feeling anymore. Terima Kasih Kopi NUTRIIE untuk memberi manfaat kepada kesehatan saya.{
Sagitaria Novianti, 59yo