QuantumG QR-C

The Technology

R FEX QuantumG QR-C Technology

QuantumG QR-C, the world’s first Hybrid Nano Mineral Oxide infused with
Quantum Fusion Resonance Frequency Technology.

Kills 99.99% Bacterias

Kills  Covid-19 Virus

Safe and not harmful

to skin and pets

Area of Application

  • Highly  touchable areas
  • Surfaces
  • AHU / Air-conditional Units
  • Hands, Body, Pets and Face Mask

Method of Application

How to best apply the Sanitizer

Product Packaging

Hand Sanitizers

50ml / 250ml / 500ml

1L /5L / 25L

Pet Sanitizers

50ml / 250ml / 500ml


Resonance Concentrated Copper Ionic

10 x 5ml per box

Sterilized 3-Ply Face Masks



Quantity: 50pcs

Key Product Features

Non-Alcohol, water based

Kills 99.99% anti microbial virus/bacteria

Non-Toxic, with resonance technology


Anti-Bacterial, results in 1 min

Anti-Virus, results in 1 min

Anti-Fungal, results in 1 min

Anti-Odour, quick dry liquid

Not Harmful To Skin

Self Activated, not gel based, coated onto surface

Safe For Children

Safe For Pets

Effectiveness: 24hrs on surface and 3hrs on hands, shelf life of 2 years

Sirim Malaysia, SGS Europe, CE, University Malaya on Covid-19 test - TidreCoum, GMP, ISO 14001 / 9001 / 13485

QuantumG QR-C Certifications

  • Lab Test Report from University Malaya on Covid-19
  • Laboratory Tests from University Malaysia Sarawak
  • Laboratory Report from Allied Chemist, Malaysia
  • SGS REACH – a European Union Regulation Body
  • SGS – Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Certification
  • Sirim Test Reports for Oral, Eye and Skin Use and Inhalation Tests
  • Registered with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Association of Malaysia (NPRA)
  • CE Registered
  • Factory has GMP, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016 certifications
  • Medical Device Authority (MDA) approved for Face Mask
  • Sirim approved Face Mask with ASTM Level 3 pass

    QuantumG QR-C Key Benefits